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What follows here is our review of web hosting provider IxWebHosting. In our IxWebHosting Review, we have made a conscious effort to list out what is really required for any web hosting company to qualify as a good web host, and whether IX Web Hosting really fits these requirements well. Also included here are some exclusive IxWebHosting Coupon, discount and Ix Web Hosting promo codes that you may like to use for buying web hosting at ixwebhosting.com.

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IX Web Hosting Review

If you have been wondering which web hosting company to choose, to host your website with, you probably would have considered a few of them, if not dozens. And incidently they all look the same. They all offer the same kind of features, have almost similar pricing structures and all claim world-class hosting service. So it becomes increasingly difficult to tell a good web host from a bad one, how do you pick the best web host for your website is indeed a tricky question.

We will try and make things a little simpler for all of you dealing with this question in this IxWebhosting Review. The one most important thing that matters, and that a solid good web host should have is size and experience. You should always go with a web hosting company that has been in the business for quite some years, at least 5 years, and holds at least 50,000 customer accounts. Reliability, Performance and Customer Service Support are equally important.

One web host that fits the bill perfectly is Ix web hosting. They have been in the web hosting domain for over 7 years and more than 10 years overall. They currently host more than 500,000 websites and are still growing very fast. Ix web hosting is backed by over 170,000 satisfied customers. And this is not all. Just like they say, that behind every successful man there is a woman, similarly behind every great company there is a team of dedicated people. Ix web hosting has over 100 highly skilled professionals, that are working all the time to provide you with quality hosting service and ensure that your site is running all the time without any issues. Ix webhosting does its best to assure you the maximum amount of uptime possible, so that your site is available for use all the time.

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Many web hosting solution providers do not have their own data centers, and thus they will have little or almost no control over their network and environment, or their equipment. Ix webhost has its own state of art data center in the United States, with full time availablity of system administrators. Their data centre uses tier 3 (n+1) technology, what this means is that they have everything that’s required to maintain the maximum possible uptime and additionally one extra back up of all your data. So if one server’s power source gets heated it automatically can transfer the power to the extra power source thus ensuring that your website keeps running without fail. They also have 2 industrial diesel power generators on stand by, which can be used in any event of extended power outage and are capable of running for over 24 hours together.

Ix webhost ensures that if you run into any problem related to your website hosting, you get help quickly. They offer dedicated support all round the clock, and you get to speak to a person from the United States, someone who speaks clear English and is equiped to deal with any of the possible problems. You can contact their service team through either phone or email or chat. Interestingly, you may even contact them through any Social Media site like Twitter, Facebook, and their team blog page.

Ixwebhosting company employs a crew of researchers that are constantly on the lookout for new set of features and capabilities that can be integrated into their hosting service to make things easy and better for their customers.

An interesting fact that most of you would be unaware is that Ix webhosting has been the leader in setting standards which you now see in most web hosting providers. They were the first webhost to provide unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web space and free domain registrations. They were even the first one to provide unlimited domains for a single hosting account. Before that you actually needed one hosting account for each website you owned and thus pay separately for each of them.

Ixwebhosting is a very special web hosting provider in all of the above ways, and they are truly truly professional when it comes to web hosting services. Ix webhosting are offering limited period 7 day trial, so can join their huge customer base and become their newest member. Just in case you are not pleased with their offering, you may let them know before the trial ends, and you will not be billed for it.

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